Bhangarh Fort Real Haunted Story, History, Ghosts, How To Reach, Night Stay and much more

Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fort Real Haunted Story: Located in the Indian state of Rajasthan, the Bhangarh Fort dates back to the 16th century.┬áDuring Bhagwant Das’s reign, the town was founded to house his second son, Madho Singh.┬áThe fort’s environs have been kept in good condition.

Bhangarh Fort Real Haunted Story

The majority of people think that Bhangarh Fort is haunted, and there are plenty of stories that contribute to the intrigue surrounding Bhangarh. Since the Archaeological Survey of India has banned people from visiting the Bhangarh Fort at night because it is allegedly a hub for paranormal activity, entering the fort after sunset is nothing short of a daring act.

Bhangarh Fort Real Haunted Story

The most well-known of the many legends about Bhangarh that the people there enjoy telling is the one about Emperor Madho Singh, who founded the city after winning the blessing of the ascetic and frequent meditater, Guru Balu Nath. The saint granted his blessing under the proviso that the retreating Emperor’s palace shadow never fall upon it.

Should it occur, the city would vanish into oblivion. Sadly, the palace overshadowed Guru Balu’s refuge after the construction was finished. Bhangarh instantly became a cursed city after incurring the saint’s anger; no structures could ever survive there, and the city could never be rebuilt. It’s interesting to note that among the ruins lies the tomb of Guru Balu Nath.

There is another narrative about Princess Ratnavati in Bhangarh Fort. Legends said that she was beyond all physical beauty, and tales of her transcending countries and borders abounded. Several states‘ worth of suitors begged for her hand in marriage when she reached eighteen. Singhia, a magician, was one of the many suitors, and he knew he would never be able to match the princess. Still, he chose to use his magical abilities to attract her.

Bhangarh Fort Real Haunted Story

He used dark magic to enchant the oil Princess Ratnavati was buying after he had the good fortune to spot her mistress in the marketplace. He hoped that when the princess touched the oil, she would give herself to him. He tried, but in vain, for Ratnavati saw through his trick and spilled the oil on the ground, which turned into a boulder and rolled in the direction of the magician, crushing him.

Singhia cursed Bhangarh to death before she passed away, preventing it from ever experiencing another rebirth. Furthermore, princess Ratnavati was slain in the fight between Ajabgarh and Bhangarh, which strengthened his dire predictions. Though some villagers believe she has returned in a different form and will eventually return to break the tragic spell on Bhangarh, hopes never truly die.

Real Experiences of People Who visited Bhangarh Fort

Even though experts have disproved the legend surrounding Bhangarh Fort, the locals still hold the belief that it serves as a haunted house. Allegedly, people have frequently heard unexplained noises. The people who live there say they heard odd music coming from the fort, women wailing and shouting, and bracelets breaking.

There have been reports of strange lights and ghostly shadows coming from the Bhangarh Fort, accompanied with a unique perfume. A weird sensation of being followed and even smacked by an invisible creature has been experienced by a few people. There is a belief that if someone enters the fort after dusk, they will never leave.

Because of this, the doors are locked every evening after nightfall, and it is very illegal to enter the Bhangarh Fort at night. Are the stories about Bhangarh Fort all true, or are they only bizarre works of fiction? Is there a ghost at the Bhangarh Fort? No one knows for sure. Maybe ghost hunters can.

Bhangarh Fort Real Haunted Story

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How To Reach

By Road

It is advisable to depart early in the morning and travel to Bhangarh Fort, also known as the Bhangarh Ka Kila, as it is approximately 300 km from Delhi. This way, you will be finished by dusk. The crooked roads should not discourage you.

Additionally, it would be excellent if you rented a car that could also get you about Jaipur, Sariska, Alwar, and Neemrana. The total cost of the trip should be between 10,000 and 15,000 Rupees, depending on the car you hire.

By Railways

An other option is to travel from New Delhi to Alwar on the Shatabdi Express and then directly to the Bhangarh Ka Kila in a taxi. On the other hand, reservations for the train must be made in advance. Keep in mind that Bhangarh lacks restaurants and motels, so finding lodging would require you to drive a fair distance. While finding a few dhabas along the journey is not difficult, it is a good idea to pack some food for the trip.

Timings of Visit

The Bhangarh Fort is open on all days from 6 am to 6 pm and 11.15 pm to 3.30 am.

Distance From Various Cities in Rajasthan

  • 90 kilometers from Alwar
  • 85 kilometers from Jaipur
  • 40 kilometers from  Sariska National Park

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